ugh people I am trying to get my shizz together

January 20, 2016

and stop by here more often and post some piccies.  But alas! I am loser, hear me snore.

I am tryyyyyyying to get cleaned up again (you wouldn’t know me if I wasn’t) but it’s setback after setback. Last weekend as I was trying to do laundry the cold water stopped coming out more than a trickle. So I am still waiting on a guy who is waiting on a part. But I wasted too much time investigating that on Sunday and used up a lot of energy twisting and cursing.

I was supposed to go to Gettysburg on Friday for the weekend with my friend who lives in VA I met at the DC NC concert in 2014 but now they are calling for el Shitto weather. Snow AND wind. Not fun times there, especially because I was planning on bringing Rocky. Oh. Well. We’re still checking the weather. Yesterday they said 8-12″ and today it was 5-8″. Maybe tomorrow it will be 3-5″ and Friday it will be 1.5″.

Groupon is having a 30% off sale on local deals through tomorrow, code JUMBO3. I got one for airport parking again ($65 for 10 days! I  think I’ll be using 9 for this Mexico trip (I told you I’m going back, right? 2nd week of Feb?) because we (yogabuddy Jay and I) will be getting back at 6am on Sunday because by the time we booked, the best flights were going thru Chicago which is a bit iffy at this time of year and the next best were through Phoenix. We opted, instead of an 8 hour layover in PHX, to take the 5:35 flight out of Cabo San Lucas and have like a 3 or 4 hour layover. He has good friends in Phoenix who he thought we could meet up with, and of course I have AmyH but neither of us knew whether our friends would even be around, and didn’t have the luxury of time to check. I also got one for Thai food up the street from me. I have an already in-process groupon for a monthly pass for a yoga studio near me that I have been going to, again tonight, but I am still weakmo. Soooo I may get a 5- or 10-class groupon today or tomorrow for a fitness place a few miles away that is mostly spin and also some lifting and flexibilty stuff, and combos therein.

I like my new endocrinologist. Yay. She’s very thorough, not flinty, and nice. I’m dong pretty well on my meds but I can’t seem to put any more weight on. I don’t want to gorge on fattening food because I want to gain it back with lots of muscle! not fat!

Anyway there isn’t much else going on. Rocky is good. Little turd. I love him. (in case you were wondering).

I better get some worky done! Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



I’ve been meaning to write

January 8, 2016

But alas! I get slacking on the other parts of the interwebs or I’ve been busy or whatnot! in no particular order, or maybe so:

  • Rocky is good. His eye is okay, had a Specialty Vet visit at the beginning of December and now we do 5 drops per day and don’t have to see the doc until June.
  • I think I told you the Graves disease is back. Since late September when I was weighed at the gyno, I have dropped about 20 pounds. not good. A lot of it is muscle and thank goddess I hung onto some of my old jeans because that’s all that fits.
  • The yoga retreat in Mexico was great but I struggled with the yoga part and didn’t get as much out of it as I’d hoped. But it was so amazing. The food, the food, the food! and the sunsets and sunrises, ahhhhhh….
  • While I was away of course both my GP and Dr. Flinty the endocrinologist (as I call her) left multiple messages because they got my lab results. After I got home I called for an appointment with Dr. Flinty (who had an opening on the Friday I was away) and they didn’t have anything till January 20th. Saw my GP for a new beta blocker and she suggested I find another endocrinologist and she also put me on a low dose of my thyroid meds. She also looked at some bites on my side and said it’s…..
  • Bedbugs.  Well that was Christmas Eve, and I have not gotten any more bites. Boy was I itchy for a couple weeks though, I guess I had an allergic reaction, the bites didn’t hurt so much. I’m still paranoid and will get someone with bedbug sniffing dogs in this month after I clean a bit but I have found zero evidence. I do need to keep cleaning up though, and of course not just for that reason.
  • Saw a new endo on Tuesday and despite the long wait I am pleased. She’s nice, listens, explains everything and then types it out for you. The whole office is super efficient, except for the waiting but at least she spent time with me. So I cancelled Dr. Flinty. Had to get my labs that same day and also started on a higher dose of my thyroid meds. Feeling much better now. I just have to watch when the weight starts coming back that I make sure to eat healthy, not overeat, and get plenty of exercise so it doesn’t come back too fast or too fat….
  • Which is part of the reason I’m going back to that place in Mexico on February 6th! The tour company I went on is a nationwide company so there were peeps from all over. 6 from Canada even! Medicine Hat! Anyway, everyone was nice but I didn’t really bond with anyone. Everyone else seems to make “deep meaningful connections” as they said, but not me! Anyway that has nothing to do with anything really. Except that a lot of people are going back next year. I wanted to but I also get the feeling that no one really gives a crap if I go or not. Plus one of my teachers is fixing up a retreat at around the same time for Puerto Rico, at the place I stayed in 2011 I think it was. That will be great. So anyway the resort (which is beautiful and off-grid) had on their website a list of upcoming retreats they are hosting. Well I recognized one of the names as a woman who owns (I found out yesterday it’s ownED) a spin/yoga studio where I took a few spin classes a number of years ago. And I looked at her site and it’s Feb 6-13, and there were 4 spots remaining. I saw the other host’s name listed as a sub at another yoga studio I go to also. So last Saturday I was at dinner with Yogabuddy Jay (who I became friends with on the Italy retreat) and he was saying that he wants to go away in the dead of winter not at the end of March like when most yoga studios have their retreats. So I told him welllllllll……..and so he figured it out financially and we are going. wheeeeeeee! I don’t care if I spend all my money wheeeeeeeeeee
  • So I am just getting back to yoga. It was hard when my resting heart rate was in the 90s (it was actually 105 when my GP took it Christmas Eve) and I’d overheat after 5 minutes, plus I have no muscle left. So the studio up the street from my house had a groupon so I got a month for $39. I took my 1st 3 yoga classes ever there maybe 10 years ago? but didn’t care for it there. The owners sold it to some students and they have a lot more to offer. I went Weds to a beginner class and it was good. So over the next month I should be able to get back into fighting (warrior 1, 2, 3) shape!
  • Oh the punk rock flea market sucked. May be where I picked up a bedbug I don’t know. It was nice spending time with my niece though.
  • Planning to get back to NEW YORK CITY (crowd cheers wildly) to hang with Genora (Dora & hubs) one of these days. Also plan to go to either Hershey or Gettysburg the weekend of the 22nd, 23rd, 24th with Nick Cave friend I met at the DC concert in 2014.
  • so things is pretty good. How’s yous guys?

OH GOSHK!  I forgot to mention the fabulous Peep Meet with snoringKatZ!  She is fantasmo and I wish I could have hung out longer with her. She already wrote about it!


Soon soon! Peep meet!

November 24, 2015

The lovely and talented SnoringKatz (I never remember the correct capitalization, sorry!) will be picking me up at the airport in Houston on Friday and who the heck knows what we will do for the day. House of Pies, perhaps? I don’t know. But it’s been such a long time since I’ve met a new Peep! Okay it was less than a year and a half ago I met Redscylla, but it seems like a million years ago.

Hopefully I will be coherent and able to stand upright. I’m still suffering from my Graves disease. I don’t know how I will make it through a yoga class on this retreat but OH WELL. Not much I can do about it except try and go to the beach if I fail! I’m down about 13 pounds and I have like no muscle tone in my quads. It’s like there is nothing there. I haven’t slept well in a couple weeks. Last night I actually slept through the night, or close enough, but I am pooped. Still not as exhausted as when I was first diagnosed, but I am weak and don’t feel fully present. I’m hoping I can sleep better the next couple nights and hopefully I will be a little less foggy on Friday (and beyond). I am very excited to meet a friend though before the trip!  Then Saturday morning I fly to Cabo.  Then the following Saturday I fly back from Cabo through Houston but will take the trip in one day. And there is like a 3 or 4 hour layover in Houston, ugh. Maybe I can buy a nap somewhere. I don’t understand why there aren’t places you can nap in airports. I’d pay! I looked up the United lounge and it’s all booze, snacks, and wi-fi, I could get all that and no nap for $50.

Anyway…I saw my regular doc and got blood tests last Friday. She wants me to see Dr. Flinty the endocrinologist. I don’t wanna.

I’m doing the punk rock flea market one week after i get back home. I may have to take that Friday off to prepare. I still have a lot to do, plus my house is a disaster.

Rocky’s eye is looking better but this morning there was a little incident where he fell over on the couch and i had to help him sit up. I don’t know if he was splayed out so weird he couldn’t get purchase on the cover i have on the couch or if he had a seizure or what. I have to keep an eye on that.

anyhoozers, I’m looking forward to with the spectacular Ms. Katz and some r&r on the beach with healthy food served to me 3x a day.


hi peeps

November 1, 2015

This will be quick, I need a shower BAD and it’s 10pm and I need to get to bed early.

I got an Amazon Fire tablet and downloaded a WP app! It sucks it isn’t compatible with Instagram, what is that shit? but anyway I’m thinking I will bring this on vacation with me and WP may be my instagram, I don’t know.

I just finished a 3-weekend yoga immersion, it was good but I am pooped and my house is a DISASTER.

My Graves disease is back but not as bad as last time. I’m not back on meds yet, I’m trying to manage it naturally and with my holistic doctor’s help. It seems to have stopped in its tracks, my weight has been steady. I should probably still see my GP (Dr. Flinty, my endocrinologist said I didn’t have to follow up with her anymore, so) and get a refill on my beta-blockers. I have a full thing of the thyroid meds from 2 years ago, so that’s good.

so anyway. I will try to post some pics from my tablet.

LESS THAN A MONTH TIL MY FIRST PEEP MEET IN AGES! (the stupendous SnoringKatz) I think the last new peep meet I had was RedScylla, which was pretty epic, especially considering the setting.

Okay I gotta go wash the stink off and hope the Mets score some more

(can you believe I am rooting for them, I know, it’s nuts but I can’t root for an AL team, unless it was the Rangers because Cole Hamels)



October 12, 2015

Before I moved in (2003):


after I fixed it up shortly after moving in (early 2004 probably):

OKAY well I actually took this right before they tore everything out. That’s why it’s so messy and dirty.


I have better pics somewhere but tough. I took down that godawful wooden cabinet over the toilet, the toilet, the sink, all the wooden fixtures: TP holder, soap dish, toothbrush holder, towel rails, etc. Wood is such a smart choice where there is a lot of moisture, I think. not. Basically I decorated it as if it looked like this:


You can see in the first pic that the tub and shower tile are all tan. So now all that is white and the floor is charcoal. I got a new faucet set on the sink but kept everything else. They put in a light and fan in the tub area.



October 2, 2015

Rocky is doing well. I had a busy busy day on Tuesday. First the crotch doc, everything is ok there except I told her about some spotting i’d had a few months back not more than 2 times so she made me make an appointment for a month. I might cancel.

Then I had to get gas and go to Housesit Home to pick up the dog and drive to Delaware. Got there early so stopped at Wawa for Free Coffee and $1.69 yogurt because I didn’t want to pass out. The vet was nice. He said that Rocky had some trauma to his blind eye and blood seeped in causing it to swell and then his eye wouldn’t fully close and he isn’t able to produce enough tears to keep the eye moisturized blah blah. So for now he has drops for the eyes. I have 3 and 1 is on the way from a compounding pharmacy in NJ. All go in his bad eye and 2 go in his good eye to help retard the cataracts and prevent something similar happening to that one. Rocky was good during the exam. He’s been good with the drops, but I haven’t. I’m getting better and wasting less, of course it’s easy enough to sneak up on his blind eye, the trick is getting him when it’s open but he’s not too active. So he’s doing pretty well despite the bloody eye. We have to go back in a month.


Then I had a 3:20 chiro appointment (moved up from 5:20 since I was off work) and picked up my orthotics. I wore them one day and a little bit of another but I am going to break them in, I could kind of feel them and feel like I should ease into it. At least it’s shoe weather now.

I am house sitting until the 6th. Thankfully it’s really close, but going back and forth twice a day (at least) is kind of annoying. Having 2 animals to deal with can get on my nerves sometimes and just being in someone else’s house slows me down (not to mention stepping carefully so as to not die from cat-related injuries). But I’m not complaining too much, it’s working out great. The bathroom is getting close. The guy was going to tile the shower walls today. The floor was finished yesterday. The toilet is in. The fixture on the sink was changed (and I really like it, my friend’s house has bathroom fixtures from the same company and one was similar to what I was looking at and I thought oh I hope I don’t wish I left the old one after all this.) So, so far, so good. There was a little issue with the grout color, I thought he ordered a lighter one than I wanted, and it looked okay but I had to question him anyway. Turns out it was the correct color, it just turned out lighter than the shade on the card he showed me. So it should be all right. I doubt I will hate anything, it’s just not that important. I can’t wait to get back to my own shower, the one at the other house is SO WEAK. It takes forever to get my hair thoroughly wet and I don’t even shampoo it every time I shower. There is no quick shower in that place unless you want to come out questionably clean and unsatisfied. I’m like Jerry & Kramer, I need fire hose strength shower pressure. I better make sure I take a shower the last night I am at that house though because they come back on Tuesday and I don’t know how long it’s going to take for them to finish. Good thing I booked them to start the same day my friend left on vacation! I’m sure I should at least be able to shower even if everything isn’t completely finished. If the tile gets done, it has the weekend t.o set, I doubt there is anything else that will need to wait on. So things are going pretty well I guess. I will for sure post before and after pics. The bathroom will need to be painted but I will keep it the same color or close at least for a while, since I decorated it like the tub and tile were white instead of ugly tan. I have to give that pink potty palace a chance to realize its full potential as named. I still like the color so that’s good too.

Okay back to work. There is other stuff but blah blah blah that’s what’s going on now and earlier this week.


moar stuff

September 24, 2015

trying to be regular on here! I’ll poop out another post!

Thank Dog the office is quiet right now because everything outside of work is in a bit of a frenzy and not related to the Pope. The bathroom redo started yesterday morning. The housesitting gig started yesterday after work. I also had a vet appointment regarding Rocky’s eye at 6:30 last night. So…after work I had to stop and pick up my organic order, stop at my house to see off the bathroom guy and see what was up, get a bunch of stuff together to bring to the house gig, forget to feed my dog, go to the house gig and feed the cat, then go to the vet. That took an hour, she referred me to a couple ophthalmologists in the area (both at least a half hour away) then I went back to my house to grab some food, feed the dog, watch Survivor, and then at 9:30 went back to House Gig (which thankfully is less than 5 minutes drive from my house), tried to figure out what to eat (ate some of her tortilla chips, it was too late for anything else and I wasn’t even hungry though I should have been) and settled in and caught up on some internetting and finally went to bed around 11 or so.

There is a cat:


Simba is a sweeeeeetie but will try to murder you on the stairs as cats do.

So today I have to drop off whiskey at my mom’s and then probably should do some food shopping. Then NOTHING.

Rocky’s eye with the worse cataract is looking bad. On Thursday or early Friday I noticed he was squinting and it was gunky. Both eyes are bloodshot. Now the squinty one is bulging. But he is a little trooper and doesn’t seem too bothered. I am increasingly concerned and hope it doesn’t get worse before our appointment on Tuesday. Because THAT would mean going to Penn Vet Emergency on Pope Weekend and that could prove impossible or impassable, you choose. So fingers crossed on that.

I was supposed to have my Worst Minute Of the Year appointment today at 2 but I called last week to change it to the 17th of Never hopefully but I Lucked Out and they had an opening (so to speak) Tuesday at 8:20. I was really hoping they’d schedule me for like next August. I even said, whenever you have an early morning appointment. Oh joy a cancellation within DAYS. Okay whatever. So Tuesday I go to the crotch doc at 8:20 am, then to Delaware for the Doggy Ophthalmologist, and then at 5:20 I have an appointment with my chiropractor *if* my orthotics are in. Either way I may change it.

I am fucking tired. Add to this, I could be eating better, I haven’t been able to get to yoga much at all and I feel like my thyroid is swollen. So this is when I really need to take care of myself. I start kettlebells on the 1st, what was I thinking, and then my yoga immersion starts on Oct. 16th. I just hope things go back to normal a bit after Tuesday, My bathroom should be done or mostly done. I will have an idea what is up with the dog’s eye. (of course it will likely create another slew of Things To Do) and my yearly appointments should be done for a while. I should be able to get to a few yoga classes. And by then hopefully I will be in a good routine at the House Gig and know where to find everything and have everything I need from home.

here’s my bathroom as of yesterday afternoon, Day 1:


okay I better get back to work, I am too tired to think of anything else. Please keep Rocky’s eyes on your Good Juju list.


a few–okay, a BUNCHA–beach pics

September 21, 2015

It was such a nice weekend at the beach.

september2015 012 september2015 009 september2015 015 september2015 018 september2015 021 september2015 023 september2015 026 september2015 028 september2015 029 september2015 033 september2015 035 september2015 036

september2015 049 september2015 057 september2015 059 september2015 062 september2015 064 september2015 068

I haven’t really been happy with a camera since my beloved old Fujifilm Finepix F30 that I bought in 2007 so I decided to try it out again. That’s where all these are from.

Here’s the pic Leeeeeeenda was asking about (from my crappy galaxy player camera):



anyway last year he hijacked my chair so instead of bringing 2 I found this fold up thing on Amazon (most are around $40, I found this one for under 30) and he actually stayed on it! yay! Is he sofa king cute or what.


hello….is it me you’re looking for?

September 17, 2015

No? I didn’t think so. Too bad cuz here I am.

Not much going on, a lot going on. I’ve been busy (for me anyway) but it’s nothing that exciting or nothing I haven’t mentioned.

  • I did get a table at the Punk Rock Flea Market for a Saturday in mid-December. I got one with room for a clothing rack so of course it was the most expensive. That just means I have to be a lot more unscrupulous when gathering items to sell, and to make things a little more expensive because People Will Haggle. I think last time, though I made money and was happy to get rid of stuff, I could have sold a few things for a little more. But that’s okay. Anyway, I have so much stuff lying around that I wouldn’t miss and don’t use or notice or love, I will have plenty to sell. There are the Business tables and the Personal Junk tables. I am going to sneak in a few things from my store. It’s not like I got a personal junk table and then am trying to sell my line of handknit scarves and mittens. I don’t have a store anymore, I just have crap I’d like to be rid of that is new and unused and there may be several of them. I might need a helper the day of. So I am kinda excited about that.
  • Going to the shore this weekend with the dog. I had planned to go last weekend but it was supposed to rain (and did a bit) but this weekend is going to be 80 or so and really nice. I think overnight Saturday it will cool off so I am thinking half-day tomorrow and get down there to enjoy it a little more and maybe come up mid-afternoon on Sunday. I can’t wait to smell the salt air, sit on the beach with the dog and a book and Do Nothinggggggggggg. Nice. I am so fortunate. I would like to have taken a week again to go there but it just didn’t work out between the late Labor Day and stuff going on.
  • Next week I start my house/catsitting gig AND I’m getting my bathroom redone did! YES! Before & after shots to come, fear not. I will be housesitting till like…October 6th my calendar says. But the house is really close to mine so I can let the bathroom guys in in the morning and check on things and spend some time there doing what I need to do. I still, of course, need to clean up the house a bit before I have guys traipsing through for a week. But they start on a Weds and he said they’d need 5 days so I have a weekend in between, not that that really has any bearing on anything.
  • Next weekend is the Liberry Book Sale. They actually have 2, the other one is in early October when they have Township Day. They snuck this one in, starting, I don’t know…last year? I certainly don’t need any more books but I can’t resist and I want a better selection! Ha! I’ll try to limit myself to ONE bag for $6 but I better bring 2, just in case.
  • The weekend after housesitting is free as far as I know. If the weather is decent I may go to the shore again.
  • Then the weekend of the 16th-18th and the following 2 weekends I am doing an Immersion thing at my yoga studio. It’s 2.5 hours Friday, 6.5 Saturday and 4.5 on Sunday. It’s not all physical yoga practice the whole time and on Saturday there is a 1 hour break and Sunday 2. I have asked my dogsitter to come by on those Saturdays to feed Rocky and let him out. The days start at noon so I have plenty of time to walk him in the morning. It will be good for Rocky and Dogsitter to get reacquainted because they will be hanging out for a whole week after Thanksgiving while I’m in Mexico.
  • Today after work I am getting fitted for custom orthotics. Expensive yes but I am hoping it will help my hip isue. Not sure what it’s all about but one of my legs is shorter than the other so maybe this will help. It can’t hurt and if they don’t help enough I guess I have to see a Medical Doctor, M.D. covered by my insurance. Maybe I’ll get a new titanium hip! That would be fin. Really it’s not that big of a problem. It just hasn’t gotten better with yoga or chiropractic care. But it doesn’t really bother me enough to hamper yoga or anything.
  • Then I will stop at my mom’s maybe to pick up stuff of hers she wants at the shore house, then to the house where I’m house and cat sitting to get instructions and tell her my fee, which won’t be too high.
  • I still have some jewelry and stuff I want to list on eBay. Originally I thought this would be Sell-It September but we’ll see if I get anything listed. I have so much other crap to do but it will be interesting to see how much I can put aside for the PRFM.

Here’s Rocky:

asleep on the job


Back to work I want to get stuff done so I can leave early tomorrow!!!


to-do list for the weekend

September 3, 2015
  • 2 yoga classes (I have 2 classes left on a new student pass I got last October which expires…this October, so I need to make a concerted effort to get to one class this weekend there and one class at another studio, probably the studio I just finished up a new student pass with because the Sunday morning class last week was SO good.)
  • clean up areas bathroom guys will be traipsing thru (LR, stairs, upstairs hall, bathroom) (and I have to make room for the crap that’s in the bathroom, which includes a linen closet full of towels and other stuff)
  • finish 1 or 2 books (it’s a possibility I could finish one tonight, but should not be a problem to finish it over the weekend, and maybe make a run to finish another one I’ve been reading for a while)
  • mow lawn (thankfully it’s half dead but it’s been neglected for a few weeks)
  • find and activate new CCs and change all autopay/stored CC info on websites etc (could take all weekend) (could take half the weekend just finding the one CC….)

I think that is plenty for 3 days, especially since I’m behind on everything else like cleaning up the kitchen, probably laundry, changing my sheets, so some of that will end up in the mix too hopefully.

I really do need to get shit done because the bathroom will be done soon. Which reminds me I should make my decisions about the bathroom fixtures by tomorrow and call the guy and let him know what I want. I’m trying to decide whether I should just spend the extra moolah and get new stuff for the sink or leave it. On one hand, it will make everything a little more uniform and make the sink look a little newer (I had the sink and toilet put in a few months after I moved in, 12 years ago, and they’re just plain white and I don’t mind them, don’t see the need to replace them) OR should I just save the money and not junk something that is okay. I did ask the guy to get me a new drain assembly because the one in there is stupid, you know how most small sinks with the plunger you can unscrew and take it out, well mine doesn’t so it’s almost impossible to pull out to clean. I’m sorta 50/50. I may stop at Lowe’s later to look at some stuff (but not buy, Lowe’s pissed me off and I’m boycotting them)

Haven’t heard back from the prfm douche, not surprised.

Okay I better try to get a little more work done before I pack up my troubles in an old kit bag and head home.